Submit your project to WSGV CRD during the initial design phase to determine what is needed for cultural resource compliance.  WSGV CRD Program Manager will review the information you submit in the form below and determine the level of review required for your project and by the funding agency (as applicable).

Please plan ahead.  Depending on the scope of your project, projects may require some archaeological field survey, testing, or other fieldwork in addition to reporting and documentation requirements.  It is advisable to allow a minimum of 90-180 days to complete the review and prepare and submit the report(s) prior to your proposed project implementation. This time period is only a guideline; however, and may vary depending upon the type of fieldwork required for your project, the funding agency review, and SHPO or CTWS THPO concurrence.  Early coordination is encouraged!

WSGV CRD Project Information

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    Please upload 7.5" maps with the extent of the proposed project. Submit all ArcGIS shape files in ZIP format. Please ensure they are projected in either NAD 83 UTM Zone 10 or 11.
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